Branding for Mental Health
& Wellness Brands

Hi, I'm Ankit

I help mental health and wellness brands reach the people they want to help.

I do this by collaborating with them to create a strategy that will allow their voice to be heard on a bigger stage. I also help them create logos, websites, and other brand assets that are tailored to their target audience.

Early on, I built brands for fitness and tech companies. But after working with one mental health brand, I realized the impact and change I could bring through my craft.

Now I’ve pivoted to help mental health and wellness brands.
Ankit Sherke

Branding for Suicide Prevention Foundation

Branding for Mental Health Tech Company

Branding & Website for Home Security Tech

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Why Brand?

Are people aware about you?

Branding helps you connect with your target personas so they care about what you do.

Do you stand out from your competition?

You are unique, your offering is unique and your brand should be unique. Branding does that.

Do you seem trustworthy?

Consistent, clear, and strong branding makes you trustworthy by eliminating guesswork.

What do clients say?

I feel very comfortable and we create great output together. As a professional, you give me the opportunity to feel safe in what we plan and do. You always deliver in the best quality and on time.

Having designed new ideas with you for a second time, I am very confident that we will be able to achieve our goals together.

“Great work and great pro cooperation.”
Andreas Hasel
Founder, Foundation Phoenix

How do we do it?


We take the time to ask the right questions from the start. Winning solutions start here.

  • Brand Strategy
  • User Profiles
  • Business Goals
  • Brand Story
  • Positioning


We create brand identities to help brands win user’s hearts, giving them a head start over their competition.

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo
  • Brand Styleguide
  • Collateral


I help brands deliver seamless experience through every touchpoint.

  • Web design and development
  • Social Media Design


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