Designing a Premium Mental Health Speaker Website


Personal Project


Website Design

Webflow Development

Speaking Reel


Photoshoot and Video: Canvas Branding Studio


The aim was to showcase my capabilities and create a story and branding for the speaker's website, speaker reel, and professional photoshoot. The design had to be minimal and premium.


The outcome was a visually appealing and interactive website that effectively communicated the speaker's story, services, and offers.


Although there was no immediate impact due to the nature of the project, This allowed me to demonstrate my expertise in creating a premium website that effectively communicates mental health advocacy and offers speaking services.


The process began with creating a persona for the speaker and designing wireframes. The look and feel of the website and photoshoot were then explored.

This followed by collaboration with Canvas Branding Studio for the photoshoot, speaker reel recording, and editing. The website was designed on the Webflow platform, with a focus on being interactive, responsive, and easy to navigate.

The outcome was a website that effectively communicated the speaker's story, services, and offers while being simple and interactive. In collaboration with Canvas Branding, a professional speaker reel and photoshoot were created that aligned with the overall branding.


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