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Foundation Phoenix 2022

Foundation Phoenix is a suicide prevention foundation based in Basel, Switzerland. By providing psychological, philosophical, and scientific tools and tips, they empower insecure and suicidal people.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design



Foundation Phoenix offers practical information, services, and programs for suicide prevention, as well as support for individuals. They required a professionally designed brand identity to feel confident in approaching investors and collaborators.


I helped the client strategize and identify their target audience, define how they can assist users, determine their visual and tonal identity, and set goals for the near and long-term. Based on this strategy, I designed a brand identity that effectively represents their brand and resonates with their target audience.


The client is thrilled with the end result and now feels confident in seeking the investment they need with their new brand identity.


During our collaboration, I held two facilitated strategy sessions, during which we identified the brand's target audience and explored ways to convert them into brand advocates.

User Persona

Our exercises helped us extract and refine brand attributes, which influenced how the brand would look, sound, and act. To ensure the brand's success, I created user personas of our target users to understand their behavior, pain points, and goals, and align the brand with their life aspirations.


In the final phase of the brand strategy, I created Stylescapes: highly curated mood boards based on the brand attributes formulated during the strategy sessions. These visual directions allowed Foundation Phoenix to choose the best path for their brand.


The resulting Foundation Phoenix logo represents balance, empowerment, and the human values of the brand. The symbol depicts the mythical Phoenix, a bird that obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. This symbolism not only encapsulates the brand's mission but also portrays a balance between elements and humans.


I feel very comfortable and we create great output together. As a professional, you give me the opportunity to feel safe in what we plan and do. You always deliver in the best quality and on time.

Having designed new ideas with you for a second time, I am very confident that we will be able to achieve our goals together,

“Great work and great pro cooperation.”

Andreas Hasel
Founder, Foundation Phoenix

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