Solopreneurs & Authenticity

Phyllis aka Ghetto Country Brandmother



Phyllis Williams-Strawder is an author, podcaster, and HBIC of Brandma’s House. She’s The Ghetto Country Brandmother® who wants to change business failure rate statistics. Phyllis describes herself as an empathic bitch challenging self-aware solopreneurs who are starting over to use brand strategy to scale their impact as brand leaders. She’s here for the respectful rebellion.

00:00 Highlights
00:18 Introduction
00:51 Restaurant to brand strategy
14:23 Balance in Personal Brands
19:00 How to be authentic
24:26 Put in the reps
33:14 Relationship with Money
40:33 What does success look like?
47:38 Who should be in close circle?
51:08 Final Question