Branding for Mental Health Technology Brand

Brain Interventions
Brand Identity Design
Social Media Content
Design a modular brand identity that works across multiple touchpoints and create social media content for the brand awareness.
The brand identity captures the new companies value in a new logo and brand style guidelines. We then designed social media content for the brand awareness.

Brand Discovery


First step we took to build this identity is to discover why brand exists, what their mission, vision & values are, and who are they going to help.


Brand Discovery


These stylescapes are highly curated collections of "found" images from the internet that gives client a high fidelity glimpse into the direction in which we'll be heading.

That way, if we had missed the mark earlier, we would've known. We would have made adjustments before committing to the design phase.


Brand Identity


Brain Interventions logo mark is abbreviation of the brand name.

It is modular, scalable, and easily recognizable.


Brand Identity


Typeface selected for the brand is modern sans serif with a geometric touch.

While the primary colors are Indigo Dye and Dark Orange, Deep Champagne and Uranian Blue.

I feel very comfortable and we create great output together. As a professional, you give me the opportunity to feel safe in what we plan and do. You always deliver in the best quality and on time.

Having designed new ideas with you for a second time, I am very confident that we will be able to achieve our goals together,

“Great work and great pro cooperation.”
Andreas Hasel
Founder, Brain Inteventions

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